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Multitherm have introduced a new revolutionary composite panel to the market. Multitherm composite panel has unlimited applications and possibilities. By infusing fibreglass into foam boards this creates unlimited advantages over current panels on the market. Thus making ours strong, lightweight, versatile, adaptable and usable in any climate be it hot or cold.

We blend our " liquid formula " into all our resins before use, this is to stop (any and all) deterioration to our panels in the manufacturing process !

Multitherm offers:-
- Strength.
- High thermal efficiency.
- Low maintenance.
- Versatility.
- Adaptability to shape and style to suit all applications.
- Lifespan of 60 years plus.
- One complete bonded unit
- Bespoke work carried out.

Minimal heat loss (due to expansion and contraction with altering weather conditions without creating air gaps).
We have all the latest machinery, technology and fully trained staff to handle the most challenging of designs and manufacturing.

Some of the products we are capable of manufacturing:-
- Glamping Pods.
- Floating Homes.
- Modular Hotel Rooms.
- Water Tanks.
- Boat Repairs.
- Bespoke Products.
- MultiPod - Portable Office, Reception, Shop, Koisks, Toilet Unit.
- Floating Pontoons.
- Sectional Homes.
- Modular Homes.
- Affordable Homes.
- Motorhome Bodies.
- Tractor Bonnets, Mudguards and Instrument Panels.
- Lightweight Vehicle Bodies.
- Insulated Bodies.
- Chalet Bungalows (mobile homes).
- Lightweight Tiny Homes.
- Catering Pods.
- Garden Rooms.
- Hot Tub Pods.
- Sauna Pods.
- Flat Roofing.
- Conservatory Roofing.
- Bespoke Structures/Units.
- Toilet Units.
- Sun Rooms.

We are capable of manufacturing many variations of products in our factory. If you have an idea and would like to see if it is possible to manufacture, then contact us now for more information/details, where we can look over your plan/design and offer you the best advise as to manufacturing it. We have an excellent design team, highly skilled staff and all the latest machinery to create the most diverse of structures.


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